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In this lesson we'll grab a C major chord and isolate what I'll call the “outside” and the “inside” strings, and we'll also designate RH fingers to each of these strings.

Now we'll start out by only looking at the middle 4 strings. If it wasn't such a hassle it would be helpful to remove the low and high E-string, just for this lesson. But instead let's just pretend they aren't there.

The A & B strings will be our “outside” strings. The D & G strings will be our “inside” strings. The outside strings are on the “outside” of the group and the “inside” strings are on the... you guessed it the inside!

Let's piece together the pattern, but before we touch any strings, let's count it out and practice singing the rhythm. This may seem silly, but I've taught this pattern many times and the thing that most often messes people up is that they mess up the rhythm.

Remember this rhythm once we start adding notes to the pattern. So often, when you'll mess up it'll be because you forgot to make that first note long.

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Next Level Finger Picking