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Intro To Finger Picking

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I was very torn about whether or not I should do a practice tune for this tutorial. Of course it's great to put it all into a musical context, but I'm as you know very concerned that you may try and push yourself too hard and developed bad habits in the process. So we'll go ahead with it, but we'll do it without any metronomes or backing tracks, and if my tempo is too fast for you, you'll have to make a silent promise out there that you won't try to play along. Just learn the parts and then practice and play it on your own. And if it's too hard altogether, it's also okay to adapt it in your own way or even just listen and watch without fully mastering it yourself. The most important thing here is that you're not pushing yourself too hard and moving ahead too quickly; that's much more important than learning this practice tune.

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Intro To Finger Picking