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Now let's piece together the pattern. Don't be frustrated if this is quite difficult at first, because once you get it, you'll be able to use this pattern for the rest of your life. So once again we had our outside and our inside strings. The thumb covers the A & D strings, your 1st finger covers the G string and your 2nd finger covers the B string.

Don't try to loop the pattern yet. It doesn't even have to sound like music at this point. Just practice the mechanics of it, and make sure your right hand is as relaxed as can be and your arm and shoulder as well.

Sometimes we even develop completely unrelated bad habits like crunching your toes or something like that. It's just our body not quite knowing how to make this somewhat unnatural thing happen, and so it tries a bunch of stuff to help. And if you don't catch it, it becomes part of the routine and something that has to be unlearned later.

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Next Level Finger Picking