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There's room for a ton of variation within this basic pattern, so before we start changing up the chords, let's adapt this fingerpicking pattern new set of strings.

In the previous lesson we used the middle 4 strings, and of course we'll have to keep the low bass note the same, because that's our root note. But now we'll use the top 3 strings instead, so our 4 strings will be the A string, and then the G, B & E string.

It's very typical that the thumb has to move around all over the place, while the other fingers stay more static. When you hear people finger pick crazy fast on banjo, this is also the case.

Another common variation would be to have the “outside” strings be the A- and high E-string, and then the D- and G-string as the “inside” strings. That sounds like this!

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Next Level Finger Picking