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Up until now we've had all of our bass notes on the A string, so now let's explore a few examples of root notes on other strings. So let's take our E minor chord for example.

We'll also try the D major chord. The root note of D major is the note D, and we do have our open D string, so that'll be our main bass note, or the “lower outside string”. You only have 3 strings above this, so you're kinda forced to use those.

Take a little time on your own to practice finger picking a chord with the root on the A string (like C or A), then one with the root on the low E string (like E or G) and then one with the root note on the D string (like D major or D minor).

I won't do an example with the metronome, because I want you to progress at your own tempo and it's better to take it more slowly than to move ahead too quickly and develop bad habits. You'll have the rest of your life to make music with these patterns, so take the time now to really put them under the microscope and get off to a solid start.

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