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Now it's time for me to play through the whole practice tune. Make sure you actually put down your guitar for this and just watch and listen to me play it. Once you've done that, you can try it on your own at any tempo that's comfortable for you.

I hope you're starting to get a bit of a handle on this finger picking technique. This is a very rare occurrence that I'm not constantly trying to make it fun- instead I'm trying to get you to pump the brakes a little bit and take this time to focus on the mechanics on all of it. I'm sure you have no doubt that this stuff is extremely useful and there's endless amounts of beautiful music to be made with it, once you get it down. But you have the rest of your life for that, so in these lessons I'm really trying to make sure you get off to a good start on what's most likely going to be a long adventure and where the sky is the limit. So for now, muster up all the patience and diligence you can find!

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Next Level Finger Picking