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Secondary Dominants

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In this lesson we'll explore an absolutely classic chord function known as the V of V.

So let's stay in the key of C for now, cause it's helpful not to switch the key around too much while we're wrapping our heads around all of these new concepts. What is the V-chord in the key of C? Hopefully you're starting to just remember- rather than having to count your way up the scale every time. But it's okay, if you're not there yet, just know that that's the goal. It's G!

Now you may be able to guess what we're going to find next since the name of this function is the “V of V”. What's the V-chord of the G-chord? Count your way up the scale, if you don't remember already.... It's D! So that means D is our V of V. Another way to name it would be the “II major”, because it's root note, D, is the 2nd scale degree in the key of C.

Now let's hear this with a simple backing track. This is easy stuff, so make sure you direct all your attention towards the function of the V of V.

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Secondary Dominants