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Now it's time to play through this whole practice tune up to speed with the backing track. I know there's a lot more going on than just the harmony, so feel free to watch and listen without playing along yourself a few times, so you can take in the harmony and the function of the different chords.

Congrats on sticking with me through this whole chapter on theory. I really hope it has made you realize how valuable even just a basic understanding of these concepts can be. When I personally hear music- aside from the emotions and all that I tend to hear numbers above anything else. I hear the relationship between the chords in numbers and I hear the melody as scale numbers as well. This is extremely useful for being able to then pick up an instrument and play it, and it's also incredibly useful for writing songs since I have all these tools at my finger tips at any time, in any key. But again, you'd probably surprised by how many of the musicians we all like to listen to don't know all this stuff, so I'm not in any way saying you can't get far without it. But for me, as well as a million other people, learning this stuff has been immensely helpful and has helped dramatically accelerate our learning.

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Secondary Dominants