Let's Start Playing Guitar


Step 1 - Fun Starts Here!

Start with the Guitar Tricks Core Learning System. Here is where you’ll learn basics and best habits to build a foundation to playing songs you love through Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 and Level 2. Within the CLS you’ll learn rudimentary guitar chords, foundational guitar scales, plus essential skills like how to tune a guitar and other beginner guitar lesson topics so you can start playing your favorite tunes from day one!

Beginner Lessons
Guitar Beginner's Structured Curriculum

Step 2 - You Sound Great!

After Guitar Fundamentals, follow the same step-by-step method with our Styles Courses, teaching you how to play quintessential guitar styles Blues, Rock, Country and Acoustic. In these specialized courses you’ll learn techniques specific to each genre like grooves and feels, song forms, style specific chord voicings, soloing techniques, plus gear and tones used in the genre so you will sound like the real deal. This is what sets Guitar Tricks apart from all other online guitar lesson programs.

Experienced Lessons
Guitar Experienced Player's Structured Curriculum

Step 3 - Beginner Friendly

Practice with in-depth song lessons from your favorite artists where you can follow scrolling notation and even perform with a jam track. You can learn a song from guitar tabs as well if that’s more your speed. Our song lesson library breaks down each song section by section, including note-for-note guitar solos. All with multi-camera angles as well as adjustable video playback speeds and looping so you can be sure to nail everything. Our beginner guitar lesson curriculum is designed to be progressive. So with each new guitar technique you learn, you’ll be prepared for the next lesson.

Song Library
Image of extensive song library

Step 4 - Limitless Learning

The best part about Guitar Tricks is there is always something new to learn. Go deeper with your favorite style of music, explore new techniques based on famous guitarists. Nerd out on gear and tone or build a regular practice regimen with any combination of our practice routines. On Guitar Tricks, there are new lessons added to the program each week so you will never run out of new ways to play guitar!

Guitar Styles
All of the popular Guitar Styles

Step 5 - Find Your Style

Take your guitar playing to the next level with our Experienced Tutorials. In these modules you’ll learn next-level techniques including licks and riffs, alternate picking techniques and advanced guitar chords and scales. We will also show you legendary artist studies so you can sound like the pros. We even outline practice routines so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your time using Guitar Tricks.

Experienced Lessons
Extensive Guitar Tutorials Library

Habits For Success - Celebrate Achievements!

Included with your Guitar Tricks Full Access membership are tools to help you stay consistent and motivated. Have time constraints? Schedule a practice reminder. Do you have specific goals on guitar? Utilize the My Progress section to stay on track. Not to mention all the apps in our Toolbox like the guitar tuner, metronome, chord finder, jam track station and much more. We’re here every step of the way!

Habits For Success

Get Personal Feedback and Support

If you’re not sure what’s next, our instructors can directly help guide you forward. Get a Custom Lesson Plan and receive a tailored practice routine built to your current skills and future goals. Try some direct feedback by submitting a video of you playing. An instructor will reply with a video addressing the specific issues you are working on. Or, schedule a 1-on-1 lesson for a classic approach to guitar lessons.

Instructor Mike Instructor Camille Instructor Dave

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can learn to play guitar! It's all about practice and finding the right learning method that works for you. Guitar Tricks™ will provide the guidance you need.

Once you’re signed up, all you need to do is log in to your account and start watching! Each of the 11,000+ lesson videos are right on the website for viewing at anytime. Simply find a course or lesson you wish to watch and click play.

There are two membership types we offer; monthly or annual. The monthly membership is $19.95 per month and the annual membership is $179 per year (both billed automatically). Otherwise you can jump in with a free Basic Access Membership which gives you access to our limited sample library. Sign up today!

Our Full Access subscriptions are just that; Full Access. There are no additional paywalls or premium sections of the program. You can watch all lesson videos whether you are signed up for the monthly or annual membership.

Yes, our instructors are available for 1on1 Zoom lessons at additional cost if you would like some individualized instruction. We also have a video feedback feature where you can submit a video of yourself playing, and receive a video back from one of the Guitar Tricks™ instructors with personalized feedback on your playing!

Yep, it's totally fine to learn guitar online. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to learn how to play guitar today. There are loads of resources and tutorials available, making it super convenient.

Our toolbox is full of apps which will help you on your guitar journey including a guitar tuner, a chord finder, a scale finder, a metronome, a chord chart, and much more!

Online guitar lessons are great! They offer flexibility in scheduling, variety in lesson curriculum and an affordable cost to suit different learners.

Each song tutorial or lesson course is divided into easy to follow, step by step instruction which includes a multi-angle video, written script, guitar tabs, guitar notation, and table of contents so you can learn at your own pace.

Each style course will include various music theory topics which relate to the specific course you are taking. Even song lessons will include music theory topics to help to better learn the song; topics like pentatonic scales, scale modes, Circle Of Fifths, and other music terms related to a specific subject.

The best online guitar lessons can be found on various reputable platforms and websites like Guitar Tricks™; offering structured courses, interactive modules, and expert instructors to guide you every step of the way.

We get this question a lot! The great part about Guitar Tricks™ is that you can learn at your own pace. Our program is designed so that you could start with easy guitar songs and get playing right away, or jump into technical lessons to deepen your knowledge. With our Guitar Fundamentals courses and Core Learning System, you will start making music and having fun on day one! Surveys show that 9/10 Guitar Tricks™ users learn faster with our lessons than by watching free video lessons on YouTube. Do you want to learn fast? Then you want to use Guitar Tricks™. It's that simple.

Yes! We have apps available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Once you sign up for a membership you can then go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download our app to start learning! It’s best to sign up on the website first, then log-in on the app.

Guitar Tricks™ is a great value because you get detailed step by step instruction for a fraction of the price of an in-person lesson. All from the comfort of your home. For the cost of one 30-minute lesson with your local in-person guitar teacher, you get an entire month of Full Access to Guitar Tricks™ with over 11,000 lesson videos, hundreds of song tutorials, in-depth style courses and tools to help you learn so you can start playing right away and go as deep as you’d like.

Highly effective! They provide flexibility, allowing learners to progress at their own pace. Programs like Guitar Tricks™ also comes with resources like a guitar tuner, backing tracks, a video feedback system, custom lesson plans and much more.

The Guitar Tricks™ is the best online guitar lesson program. Our teaching method gets beginners making music faster than other lesson sites. We have 11,000+ lesson videos with new lessons being released every week, our song lesson library has hundreds of hit songs, our guided Core Learning System is the best in the industry, our feedback feature allows you to have personalized feedback if you ever get stuck, our Guitar Insider section has detailed videos on niche subjects, our toolbox is full of apps to help you on your guitar learning journey, and there’s so much more!

Guitar Tricks™ has taught over 4 million guitar players! Since inventing online guitar lessons in 1998 we have continually refined our teaching method, creating a system that is guaranteed to work. If you aren't making progress in 60 days we offer a full refund, no questions asked. Sign up today to start learning how to play guitar right away!

The best way to learn guitar at home is by enrolling in online guitar lessons. These lessons provide structured guidance and interactive tutorials allowing you to progress effectively from the comfort of your home.