Tutorial by Lisa McCormick

Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1A

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In this tutorial I'll teach you the first level of acoustic fingerpicking. We'll get started with a basic four-step pattern, then learn how to change chords with it. We'll then do some 2 and 3 chord practice drills followed by two songs. Then it's time for drills to build your speed and play another song. Next we'll learn different styles, play another song, and finish with more drills - and a final song! Fingerpicking guitar isn't just a technique; it's an art form that has been passed down, evolved, and refined through generations of guitarists. This intricate style, where guitarists pluck the strings directly with the fingertips, nails, or picks attached to fingers, creates a uniquely resonant and complex sound that's as captivating as it is expressive. The roots of fingerpicking guitar can be traced back to early stringed instruments and musical traditions from around the world. However, it truly began to flourish in the American South, where it became integral to blues, folk, and country music. Picture this: musicians sitting on porches or around campfires, sharing stories and tunes, their fingers dancing over the guitar strings, weaving together melodies and rhythms that tell tales of life, love, and hardship. If you're eager to dive into this rich tradition, fingerpicking lessons are your gateway to unlocking the magic. Guitar fingerpicking lessons can vary widely, from the basics of plucking patterns to complex melodies that require a dexterous touch and years of practice. What's cool about learning fingerpicking is that it opens up a whole new world of musical possibilities. Unlike strumming, which often focuses on rhythm and harmony, fingerpicking allows you to play the melody, harmony, and rhythm simultaneously, making the guitar sound like an entire band in the hands of a skilled player.

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