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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1A

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See if you can play this song along with me. With some practice, you should be able to do it all on your own. Even if this particular song is not your favorite thing in the world, learning to play it all the way through, up to speed, with good clarity and steady rhythm, is a great way to develop your skills. You can then easily apply those skill to songs of your own choosing. You'll also be laying valuable foundation for moving on to more advanced skills later on.

THE WABASH CANNONBALL (traditional American folk song)

(D)Listen to the (D)jingle - the (D)rumble and the (G)roar

as she (A7)glides along the (A7)woodland

ore the (A7)hills and by the (D)shore

hear the (D)mighty rush of (D)engines

hear the (D)lonesome hobos (G)call

(A7)riding through the (A7)jungles on the (A7)Wabash Cannon(D)ball (D)

Now the (D)western states are (D)dandies

So the (D)southern people (G)say

From (A7)Chicago and St. (A7)Louis

And (A7)Peoria by the (D)way

To the (D)lake of Minne...(D)sota

Where the (D)rippling waters (G)flow

No (A7)chances to be (A7)taken

On the (A7)Wabash Cannon (D)ball (D)

She (D)pulled in to the (D)station

One (D)cold December (G)day

As she (A7)rolled up to the (A7)platform

You could (A7)hear the people (D)say

Now (D)there's a gal from (D)Birmingham

She's (D)long and she's (G)tall

(A7)She came down from (A7)Georgia

On the (A7)Wabash Cannon (D)Ball

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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1A