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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1A

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This lesson is a playalong exercise, designed to work on developing physical memory in your fingers. You may wish to come back to it regularly as part of your regular practice routine.

In this lesson we'll work on developing the speed and pacing of your fingerpicking, using the syncopated rhythm, and three chords: E, A7, and B7.

I will play the chords in this order:

//: E / E / A7 / A7 /

/ B7 / B7 / E / E ://

I'll play this cycle two times through at a modest pace. When I begin the cycle again, I will increase the speed just a little bit. I will do this for five rounds, getting a little bit faster every time.

In the beginning, you may only be able to make it through Round One, or Round Two. With repeated practice however, you should be able to stay with me all the way through Round Five.

As you speed up, play close attention to your accuracy. Try not to let your playing get sloppy. Also, try to relax and not think too hard. Let your fingers do the work.

As we are working on developing physical memory with this exercise, you want to get to the point that your fingers "know" the moves without your supervising them too closely. Playing along with me is a great way to develop that skill.

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Acoustic Fingerpicking Step-by-Step, Level 1A