Country was originally the music of European immigrants that brought their folk songs and instruments to the Appalachian mountains of early America. It started as the music of down to earth farmers and working class people that wrote songs, ballads and dance music to entertain themselves in the evening after a long work day. The sound of Country music is defined by the boom-chick of an acoustic guitar and the twang of an electric or pedal steel. Add in a banjo and a fiddle, then you’ve got a country song!

Country has evolved into many different sub-genres, but at its core it still just wants to sing a story to a tune with a twang. In these Country style lessons below you’ll learn Country guitar fundamentals like double stops, chicken pickin’, guitar solo riffs and techniques, classic Country chord voicings and so much more.

Here at Guitar Tricks the best way to get started learning how to play country is with our step-by-step rock guitar courses: Country Level 1 Course or Country Level 2 Course. To start with Country songs on guitar, check out the songs page: Country Song Lessons Otherwise, you can pick through the lessons below for a variety of techniques to learn.

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