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In this lesson we'll explore all the classic sounds you can get from moving just the fretted notes of an E major chord around the neck.

Let's try this in a simple example. We'll start on the regular E-chord for 2 bars with our 8th note strumming pattern, and then we'll go to our A version for 2 bars. Then we'll go up to B for 2 bars and then jump all the way down to the fret right above our regular chord. This is a very colorful type of F-chord- F major 7 #11, but don't worry about that for right now. Just focus on the sound.

Now just for fun let's try it with a backing track, so we can hear and feel it with a drummer and a bass player. It'll be a little bit faster than we did it with the metronome, so don't stress if you need to practice it a bit more first.

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Open Drony Strings