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Finger Picking Practice Tune

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Now it's time to play through this whole practice tune. It's really important that you put down your guitar and just watch and listen to me play it at least a couple of times before you start playing along yourself. Once you do, make sure you put your focus on being relaxed and gentle with the strings. The speed, the rhythm and the overall musicality will come when the technical elements fall into place.

I hope you've had fun with this practice tune and the whole chapter on finger picking and that you haven't been too frustrated along the way. Frustration in general is really not good for much, when it comes to learning guitar. It's hard for everyone and there are no shortcuts- you just have to put in the time. You can of course be smart about how you spent that time, but if you're following along with a course like this, then you've already take care of that. All you can do after that is practice as diligently and patiently as you can! We get frustrated when we somehow convince ourselves something should be easier than it is- but unfortunately we don't get to make that call. We just get to control how much time we spend on it and how well we spend that time. Some of these things will be harder for you than others, and that's okay. You can stay with it for a while, but it's also okay to move on and circle back to something later! Sometimes it's actually really good to take a break after having worked on something super intently. Have fun with it!

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Finger Picking Practice Tune