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Finger Picking Practice Tune (Final)

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In this lesson we'll play through our PT at full speed with the backing track. As always I highly recommend that you put down your guitar and just watch and listen at least a couple of times before you start playing along yourself. And again, if you make sure you have the basic mechanics of the scale down, everything else is so much easier. If you find that you're still struggling, working your way around the scale and remembering the different shapes, you may just have to go back and spend some more time on that.

I hope you've had a ton of fun with this practice tune. As you can hear there's a wide range of styles and vibes you can create with the same basic finger picking techniques. Of course some of that comes from the backing track, but I bet you'll find that a lot of that same vibe comes across when you play this PT as a solo piece as well. The harmonized scale is so useful that I really hope you'll take the time to explore it some more on your own. In fact that scale is my initial go-to for almost any solo arrangement I come up with, so I hope it'll be as useful for you as well.

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Finger Picking Practice Tune (Final)