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Finger Strumming

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Now it's time for me to play the practice tune for you. Make sure you put down your guitar and just watch and listen this first time through. Then afterwards you can play the full song on your own, at whichever tempo feels comfortable.

I talk a lot about playing things at a tempo you pick yourself, rather than trying to play along with me. I know that's probably frustrating, but I promise you that if you learn these examples and avoid trying to rush it, the speed will come naturally once your technique gets solid enough. That is the quickest way, and if you try to rush it you'll only slow down your progress. In any case, I hope you've had a lot of fun with these new tools and tricks. There are as many variations of these basic techniques as there are guitar players, so use these examples as a starting point and moving forward. Try to notice all the different ways that different players combine finger picking and strumming.

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Finger Strumming