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Strumming With a Waltz Feel

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In this first lesson we'll simply count and try to “feel” the pulse of a 3/4 groove. First mute the strings with our left hand and strum our 4 quarter notes, while counting out loud.

Counting out loud is really important for understanding a rhythm on a deeper level; in your whole body as well as your mind. So make sure you count out loud with me as much as possible! It's much easier to get it worked in to your system here in the beginning than it'll be to go back and learn it later.

Now let's keep strumming muted downstrokes like that, but only count to 3. Feel how it has that light, waltzy feel?

Even though there are only 3 of them, we still call them quarter notes. And this groove is notated and verbalized as “3 4”. The subdivisions would still be called 8th notes, even though there are now only 6 of them.

Try and strum those with upstrokes. “1 and 2 and 3 and” etc. Accent the 1 if you can.

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Strumming With a Waltz Feel