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Strumming Pattern Tried-and-True

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Now it's time to play through this whole practice tune with our backing track. Remember that it's never a bad idea to just watch and listen to me play it a couple of times, before you start playing along yourself. You'll also notice that the tempo is quite a bit faster than what we've been doing up until now. So feel free to spend a little more time with the metronome if you need to.

I hope you've gotten some kind of grip on this new strumming pattern. I know it's probably difficult, and if it's not then consider yourself lucky. And I can't stress enough that 95% of the time when people mess up this pattern it's because they forget to keep their wrist moving- especially when that silent downstroke happens. So the more you can think of your wrist like a robot arm that keeps moving no matter what, the easier this pattern will be to get down. Have fun with it!

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Strumming Pattern Tried-and-True