Rhythm Section Practice Tune

Now that you've developed a solid arsenal of tools, tricks and techniques, it's time to zoom out a little bit and start exploring all of it within a larger musical context, like songs. The problem with learning actual songs at this point is that they aren't tailor made to your current skill level, and there's a good chance you still need some more time with all of the stuff you've learned, before you start flying solo out in the somewhat overwhelming real world of actual songs.

So in this chapter we'll go through a handful of slightly more elaborate practice tunes that are composed specifically to sum up most of what you've learned so far as well as adding a few more valuable tools to your skill-set. That way you get the benefit of learning songs while sticking with our course and having everything tailor-made for your current skill level. I am going to push the level of difficulty a little bit forward, so approach these practice tunes like you would if you were learning an actual song. You most likely won't just fly through all the lessons, but it'll take some pausing and some focused practice to get all the parts down. And if you're lucky enough to just fly through it, enjoy it and just try to make it sound and feel even better.

In this first tutorial we'll break down, practice and ultimately play through a practice tune with heavy emphasis on rhythmic elements like strumming, hits and accents and overall groove.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Pop Rock Practice Tune

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