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New Combinations

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Throughout this course we've looked at examples of most of the basic techniques that are used for fingerpicking, so at this point we're starting to circle back to topics we've already explored, but each time at a higher level. This is what I like to call spiral learning! From this point moving forward it's a matter of expanding your tool box with more chord voicings, melody notes, RH finger independence and so on. There's a lot to dig into, and as always it's really important you take it all nice and slowly, so you don't rush ahead and develop a bunch of bad habits that you'll have to unlearn later.

In this first tutorial we'll combine some of the new elements from the previous chapter, like the open string voicings, dominant 7 chords and even our simplified barre-chords, with our existing finger picking tools. That way you'll get a chance to revisit all the finger picking stuff while have fun exploring these fun new combinations.

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New Combinations