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Now it's time to play through this practice tune up to speed. We're going to do this without a backing track, so you can hear how well this style of guitar playing carries a tune all by itself. If your groove and volume isn't quite there and it doesn't quite sound like music yet, don't worry. Just stick with it and avoid trying to rush it and I assure you it's all going to fall into place eventually.

I hope you've had fun with these melodies and that you're starting to understand how people can play melodies and accompany themselves at the same time. In this tutorial we stayed in the key of C, but the same approach would work for any key. Find the melody notes that fall conveniently on the top 3 strings and slowly work them into your RH picking like we did it in this tutorial. Of course each key has different access to notes, and that's why some keys are better for certain melodies than others. There's of course a lot left to learn, but if you're played through these lessons and examples you've already taken a huge step towards understanding and mastering all of this.

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More Melodies