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Working In a Simple Melody Embellishments

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Before we dig into any new examples, let's take a closer look at what we already know, by putting our finger picking pattern under the microscope and isolate what within it functions as accompaniment and what functions as lead embellishments.

Essentially what the thumb is doing on the bass strings is the accompaniment, or basically like the left hand of the piano. What the 2nd and 3rd finger is doing on the higher strings is like the right hand of the piano playing more embellishments and little melodies. Of course it's not a perfect separation, but it's a helpful way to look at it here in the beginning.

So now we've cracked the code on how to play both rhythm and lead- in fact you're realizing that to some extent you've already done it. Only the melody wasn't all that interesting by itself.

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Working In a Simple Melody Embellishments