Simple Riff & Lick Practice Tune

Now that we've explored all these different arrangement tools, let's try and use some of them in a practice tune. This practice tune will start out with a riff, and then we'll go to a solo using a new rock lick. Then we'll end the solo in a theme and finally we'll finish the song by repeating the riff as an outro.

In this tutorial we've gone through some of the most common arrangement tools used in rock, and I hope you've gotten a good understanding of how to recognize and use them. But remember that no matter how much you try, you can't come up with a perfect labeling system and expect it to be 100% clear and perfect. Music is not science, it's art. All we can do is try to categorize the different terms so we can isolate them and learn from them. Have fun with it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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Simple Riff & Lick Practice Tune song notation
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Simple Riff & Lick Practice Tune By Anders Mouridsen

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