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Grunge Rock: The 90s

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All kinds of gear was used to obtain the grunge sound. People still used a lot of gain, from the bluesy "Hendrix-esque" distortion to straight up hi-gain. I'll be using a Les Paul because it has that big fat sound that works well for this style, but you can play the practice tune on any guitar.

I'll be running it through a modeled Marshall Plexi amp, which gives me that dry and unflattering tone I'll be using for the strumming parts. For the more distorted parts, I'll add a distortion pedal similar to the RAT.

For this practice tune I'll use a very common technique called doubling, where you record the exact same guitar part twice, which has a super cool effect. You can use this trick when you record at home, but also if you play in a band with another guitar player. It's not always bad to play the same thing!

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Grunge Rock: The 90s