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Post Millenium Rock: The 2000s

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In the 2000s the music scene was extremely diverse, and all kinds of gear was used. From 335s to Telecasters and almost anything else you can think of, through all kinds of amps! Bands also got really creative with guitar effects, both in the studio and live, so you can experiment all you want. Just remember that you don't need any specific gear for this- just try to be really creative with the gear you have. That's what these bands did after all!

I'll be using a Telecaster and I'll be running it through a modeled Marshall Plexi amp, but as I said, you can play the example on any guitar and through any amp. I have a lightly overdriven tone that I'll be using for the intro. I use the bridge pickup, which gives me that punchy and dry, clean tone. Then after the intro, I'll add a distortion pedal similar to the RAT.

Just like I did it for our grunge practice tune, I'll use the very common doubling technique for the final performance. That means I'll play the exact same guitar part twice, which fills up the track and adds some cool dissonance between certain notes.

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Post Millenium Rock: The 2000s