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Subdivisions: Splitting Up the Beat

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Now let me show you some ways to practice these subdivisions with the metronome. We will mute the strings with our left hand and focus purely on locking in with the metronome as we switch between the different subdivisions.

I hope this tutorial has made you realize the power of rhythmic tools in rock. Many people use all these different subdivisions without fully understanding them, and that's perfectly okay, but if you understand them on a theoretical/mathematical level they're much easier to recognize, explore and ultimately use in your own playing!

Whether it's the whole notes, the quarter notes, the eighth note, the sixteenth notes - or any other subdivision - they all have a different sound and feeling they convey, just like the different types of chords do! Music is ultimately about conveying emotion and rhythmic tools are as effective at this as any of the tools that have to do with notes and chords. And we'll explore this much more throughout the rest of this chapter.

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Subdivisions: Splitting Up the Beat