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Origins: Rock 'n' Roll 50s

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In this lesson we'll review the form and the parts, and after that we'll play through the whole thing with the backing track. We start off with our 4 bar intro, and then we go to the 12 bar form. We play through that twice, and then we go to the solo. The solo starts with the re-intro, and then we'll go to the lick and play that twice. After that we'll play the 12 bar form once and end the song with the unison line and the final A7 chord.

In this tutorial you've played an example of the style that most people refer to as early rock 'n' roll or 50s rock 'n' roll. If you like this style, you can explore it further by listening to and learning from the artists I mentioned earlier. But even if this is not your thing, it's strongly recommended to have an understanding of the origins of rock music. Have fun with it!

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Origins: Rock 'n' Roll 50s