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Origins: Rock 'n' Roll 50s

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For this tutorial I'll be using my Gibson 335 on the bridge pickup. This type of hollow body guitar was a popular choice for this style of music, because of the big full sound it got from the humbucker pickups, which was a new invention back then. Both humbuckers and hollow body guitars are still used heavily today. Playing on the bridge pickup gives you some rock 'n' roll edge as opposed to the warm jazzy sound of the neck pickup.

I'll be running the 335 into a modeled Fender amp. This is before guitar players started using a lot of overdrive and distortion, so I'll be using a bright clean tone with just a little bit of reverb. I'll also be adding some slap back delay, which is very authentic to this era. Slap back delay was covered in the previous chapter, and is the setting with the fast, single repeat.

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Origins: Rock 'n' Roll 50s