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Rhythm Embellishments: Add Some Spice

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Now let's break down and play through another practice tune, but this time we're going to change up the form a bit. Not all songs have a separate section that works as a "chorus"; some songs just have the lyric "hook" built in to the end of the verse. So for this practice tune the form will be intro - verse - verse - outro (same as intro).

I hope you've had fun with this tutorial on the rhythmic embellishments. It's always great to have several different ways to approach the variation in your playing, and the rhythmic approach to fills and variations is a very valuable tool that will really benefit your playing and your ideas. Make sure to take the time to really get the examples under your fingers, because that's when you also internalize the techniques and they start to become part of your own vocabulary. It takes some extra work, but it'll pay off when you find yourself using or noticing these tricks in other musical contexts.

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Rhythm Embellishments: Add Some Spice