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The 80s: High Gain Rock

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Now let's review the form and the parts, and then we'll perform the whole thing over the backing track.

The first time I'll play the solo, and you can play rhythm guitar if you want to. But the most important thing is that you listen to me- even if that means you aren't playing anything during the solo. Then for the second time I'll play rhythm guitar, and you can rip it up in the solo section.

In this tutorial we've scratched the surface of some fun 80s sounding rock. You could spend a lifetime on this period alone, and if you like the style you can explore it further by listening to some of the artists I mentioned in the introduction. And if it's not fully your thing, then it's still fun to learn some tricks and techniques from this style. That way you can use some of the really creative guitar techniques they came up with during this era in other musical contexts and in your own way. Have fun with it and I'll see you in the next video!

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The 80s: High Gain Rock