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Combining Your Pedals: The Pedal Chain

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Now let's look at another very common setup and organize the different pedals. This includes the volume pedal, the RAT distortion, BOSS overdrive, BOSS flanger, BOSS phaser, and a BOSS tremolo.

I'm sure this chapter has peaked your interested in all the different effects used in rock. And while a brand new effect can be a great source of inspiration for new sounds, songs, and tricks, a guitar players pursuit of tone can also be the biggest distraction from actually working on your playing and really getting better as a guitar player.

So always tread carefully when it comes to guitar tone: it's fun and great to explore, but don't ever let it distract you from the hard work you need to put in to become a great guitar player. Because no piece of gear in the world can come close to the sound of hard work, attention to detail, and disciplined practicing. Have fun with it all!

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Combining Your Pedals: The Pedal Chain