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Major & Minor Scales in Rock

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Going from strumming to playing single notes is bound to cause some trouble for most guitar players who are first starting out with lead playing, so in this lesson I'll show you some simple metronome exercises that can help you with this. Because you eventually want to get to the point where you fingers know what to do the instant your mind gets an idea, and this is the way to get there.

I hope this tutorial has given you a good idea of what improvisation means in a rock context. It's not about how many notes you know, but more about what you do with the ones you know - and that mostly comes down to creativity and attitude.

There have been many virtuoso rock guitar players through the years, but there have been just as many great rock guitar players who were just really good at being creative with a minimal vocabulary. So keep that in mind when you're first starting out: limitation can be a blessing to your creativity! Have fun with the basic scales, and I'll see you in the next video.

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Major & Minor Scales in Rock