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Riff Practice Tune 1

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Now that we've broken down all the elements of this song, let's organize them in a song form and review each of them. Don't forget that you most often will have to forget and relearn something at least 3-4 times before it sticks. After that I'll demonstrate what it all sounds like together, and then you'll try.

I hope you've had a lot of fun with this more extensive practice tune. As you learn more and more about music and guitar playing, it's really important to remember that all of these terms and techniques serve one purpose, which is songs! Songs are the core of almost any style of music, and almost everything you learn on guitar has a certain function in the song. The solo can be a nice refreshing break from all the lyrics or a more spontaneous contrast to the structure of the melody. The intro can help set up the perfect mood for the song and the melodies/themes can be a soothing relief from the raw and unpolished improvised soloing. So always remember to keep the big picture in mind as you're diving in to learn all the details. Have fun with it!

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Riff Practice Tune 1