Play Song: Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Now it's time to play through this song, all the way through. As always I highly recommend that you watch and listen first without playing along, then play along with me as many times as you need to and finally I hope you'll play it many times after that completely by yourself.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Any Style
Play Song: Will The Circle Be Unbroken song notation

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Questions & Answers

8 months ago
Not so much a question but a comment, I really enjoyed this lesson, but the one issue I have is that I don't know the words. It would be really helpful if they were included in the musical notation, or on the video. I found the first few times through I was struggling trying to remember the lyrics and that was impacting my playing. Anyway it's just a thought.
Josh Workman 8 months ago

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I will send this to the GT staff.