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Intro To The Blues Course

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Now it's time to play through our whole little blues practice tune, up to speed with the backing track. As always you're more than welcome to just watch and listen a few times before you start playing along yourself.

Just for fun let me show you what it sounds like when I improvise a little bit with these licks, meaning I mess around just a little bit with the rhythm and the phrasing of it. This is a huge part of what we do in the blues course, and it's a ton of fun.

Congrats on playing your very first blues solo. There's lots more where it came from if you liked how this felt. One of the best things about learning blues is that it's all about playing with feel and getting a ton of music out of just a few notes. We get into lots of improvisation, different types of blues, cool rhythm guitar tricks and so much more. There are some acoustic examples like this one, but most of the examples are best played on an electric guitar. Have fun with it!

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Intro To The Blues Course