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Intro To The Blues Course

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Now that we're almost at the end of our fundamentals course it's time to start thinking about where to go next. For some people that can be a daunting choice, but the good news is that if you think of music as a language, the different styles of music are more like accents. Meaning, the majority of the basic tools that used are the same, so above anything else you're studying music and guitar. And then you can choose to study that in a blues context, a country context, a rock context or an acoustic context; whichever is the most exciting to you. To help you make that decision we'll go through some examples of each of the styles in this chapter. That way you can try the different styles under your fingers and see what inspires you. In this first tutorial we'll break down an example of a blues style sound. Let's get started!

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Intro To The Blues Course