B Section

After the A section, we'll continue into a B section, which you could also call a chorus.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Chords And Melody Practice Tune
Any Style
B Section song notation

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Questions & Answers

I can do the chords decently, but have a lot of trouble switching between them fast enough to keep up with the metronome or music. At age 65, I realize that I may never get over this hurdle, but...got any advice? 1 month ago
Mike Olekshy 2 days ago

Hello, and thanks so much for the question! Yes you can get through this hurdle with effective practice. Slow the metronome down to a tempo where you can switch chords correctly and in time. Then keep practicing at that tempo with lots of repetition. Every few days, bump up the metronome and see if you can switch a little faster. If so, continue to practice at the new tempo. If not, go back to the slower one and keep at it!! If you are consistent with this method, you will get faster!

I must say, these are really good exercises on many levels. I get to practice the C-chord which somehow seems to be the hardest so far and move around the neck. I only play guitar for 3-4 weeks now am making way more progress than I expected, and faster than on any other instrument I learned to play. Great return on investment! And it motivated me to buy another guitar as well now I have a Jet Guitars JS-400 (the best reviews on a budget Strat on Youtube) and a Gretsch Streamliner G 2622, a lovely piece of art. Thank you guys. 2 months ago
Mike Olekshy 2 months ago

Hello - and thanks so much for your kind words! Have fun, and keep at it!