Play Song: Bittersweet Rainy Day

Now it's time to perform our rainy day-major 7 chord song with our virtual band.

Major 7 chords are extremely common in all types of music, and as I hope you've experienced in this tutorial, they create a very powerful mood. Finally, here's a potentially confusing thing that you need to remember. Whenever you see a chord symbol, meaning just the letter name, for example, E.

If it only says 7, like E7, then it means the bluesy dominant 7 chord from the previous tutorial. Whenever it's a major 7 chord it's always specified. There are many ways to notate this, but the most typical is maj7 or just ma7. If it doesn't say that, and only has the number 7, it's always a dominant 7 chord. And again, if you come across a major 7 chord you don't know yet, you can almost always just use a regular major chord.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Major 7 Chords
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Play Song: Bittersweet Rainy Day song notation
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Play Song: Bittersweet Rainy Day By Anders Mouridsen

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