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Intro To The Acoustic Course

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Now it's time to play through our whole acoustic finger picking practice tune, up to speed with our stripped down backing track. As always you're more than welcome to just watch and listen a few times before you start playing along yourself.

In many ways the acoustic course is the most direct extension of what we've been doing up till now. That can be perfect, if you want to keep going with this vibe. There's also a lot of acoustic guitar in the country course, so that's another great option if you're still most interested in the acoustic guitar.

But once again, I'd like to remind you that 90 percent of what you'll be learning no matter which course you choose are basic building blocks for any style of music. It's just the sound of the examples and some of the topics that are slightly different. For example there isn't as much traditional lead guitar and improvisation in the acoustic course, but then instead you have things like this practice tune where the acoustic guitar is front and center, which is cool in a different way. Have fun with it!

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Intro To The Acoustic Course