Song Form

Now let's review all the parts you've learned so far and organize them into our song form.

First we had our intro which went C, and then the shape moves up two frets to D, then E minor that gets to ring for 2 bars. All that repeats, then after the 2nd E minor chord we do the 8th note build on our D-chord.

The verse used the new strumming pattern and the chord progression with G, C, A7 and D7.

The chorus was E minor for 2 bars, D with pinky, D without pinky, C, C major 7, D with pinky, D without pinky.

Then we're back to our verse again. See if you can strum a little more gently for this section, since it's supposed to feel like a step down dynamically from the chorus! And onto the 2nd chorus. Make it more intense again!

After the 2nd chorus we'll reuse our intro as the outro. And then instead of doing the build on D at the end, we'll just end on the last strum of the E minor chord.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Chord Practice Song
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Song Form song notation

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