Learn Song: One At A Time

Now it's time to try using our brand new arpeggiation technique in a song. Once again we'll have an intro, and we're keep that super simple by just strumming an open E minor chord, then a G major chord. Next to make it a bit more interesting we'll strum a cool rhythm.

Then for our main section of the song we'll play A minor and we'll use our arpeggiation pattern for 2 bars. Don't worry if this is still hard to execute cleanly, because our fretting hand is making it so that any note we play with the picking hand will sound good. So just embrace your mistakes and make it part of the music!

After that we'll go to the C major chord. Then we'll go back to A minor again, then we'll go to a G chord. Then we'll repeat the whole section.

Finally we'll reuse our intro as the outro and strum an A minor chord and let it ring to end the song.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Any Style
Learn Song: One At A Time song notation

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Questions & Answers

2 months ago
Any thoughts on using a different fingering for the G chord, like instead of 1,2, & 3, using 2, 3, & 4?
Mike Olekshy 1 month ago

Hello and thanks for your great question! Absolutely - using 2, 3 and 4 is super helpful for index finger embellishments, or quicker chord changes depending on previous or next chord in the progression. Practicing both fingerings is well worth your while!