E Minor and G Major

Now let's try out this new strumming approach using two chords. In the previous lesson we applied the new strumming approach to our good old E minor chord. Now let's try and do that for 4 bars, and then we'll switch to our G major chord and do that for 4 bars as well.

So it's 4 bars of E minor then 4 bars of G. Then we repeat that one more time and finally we end on a strum of the E minor chord that we let ring.

Remember to not get super tense about nailing the separation in your right hand. Cause even in it's most subtle form, this concept sounds great. And whenever you don't get a strum quite right, it probably just ends up sounding like a nice bit of variation!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Root Chord Strumming
Any Style
E Minor and G Major song notation

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