E Minor

First let's check out this new concept over an E minor chord. Let's leave that in place and turn our attention towards the picking hand.

The first thing we'll do is to simply try and strum the low strings. It's still a strum, but it's a bit more controlled. We also call the low strings the bass strings.

Now strum only the high strings. Same thing, still a strum, but more controlled. We also call the high strings the treble strings. The term treble refers to the higher frequencies!

Whenever you're ready, try alternating between the two. Do it nice and slowly, so you can still keep your wrist loose and stay relaxed overall.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Root Chord Strumming
Any Style
E Minor song notation

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Questions & Answers

Hey can you give me a lesson plan to get faster and learn blues scales and power chords that would do my the world 6 months ago
Josh Workman 6 months ago

Hi, that's a pretty loaded question! The more SLOW practice you do, the better. Look at problem areas of scales, licks, etc and isolate them for repetition and smoothing out. Then as you gradually increase your speed, things will be a lot more solid.