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Wrote You A Song

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In this tutorial we’ll explore one last song for this topic of playing and singing. This is a song I wrote and actually released myself called ‘Wrote You A Song’. It's quite simple musically, and really fun to play. I'll go through it all one line and one section at a time, and if at any point you find yourself getting confused or if you simply want to make it easier for yourself, just go listen to the final performance of the song a bunch of times so that you know what it's supposed to sound like before you try to learn it. That's a good trick to keep in mind for learning any song, but it's also okay to just follow along with me and learn it one line at a time. Remember that if this is not the best key for you to sing it in, just sing it the best you can or even just talk it out with me in the lessons, and then you can always use a capo to find the right key for your voice once you know the song. Let's get started!

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Wrote You A Song