Root Note On Another String

Now let's check out how to approach the root-chord strumming when the root note isn't on the low E string. This gets a bit more tricky for the picking hand, and you're going to miss the bass notes many times, but that's all part of the process, and it usually doesn't even sound bad when it happens.

For E minor you saw that we had our our root note or main bass note on the low E string. That's also the case for our G major chord.

But now how about our A minor chord? What's the root note of A minor? Remember that's not a hard question. It's A of course! Do we have an open A string? We sure do! Try and pick that by itself. That's even trickier than the low E string, but again it's not a high stakes game, because it'll sound good even when you mess it up.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Root Chord Strumming
Any Style
Root Note On Another String song notation

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Questions & Answers

is it okay to use fingers for strumming? 7 months ago
Josh Workman 7 months ago

Yes, of course! It will have a different sound than a pick and sometimes that is the sound you want for certain songs but sometimes not.