A Section

After the intro you've gotten through the hardest part of most performances, which is simply getting started and playing the first few notes. Hopefully you've gotten some deep breaths in and you're ready to start the first section of our song.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Chords And Melody Practice Tune
Any Style
A Section song notation

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Questions & Answers

hi there, just wanted to point out that tab, provided in this and later sections are missing the first note (e.g. section A should start with E note, but in tabs, first note is A) 1 month ago
Mike Olekshy 1 month ago

Hello, thanks for this! You will not see those first notes in the tabs of the section lessons because those notes are "pickup" notes - they actually occur at the end of the previous section. In the final playthrough of the entire song, you'll see those notes in the correct parts of the arrangement.