More Bass Notes and Chords

Now let's explore some other chords within our open position major scale.

What other open chords do we have that we haven't tried yet? There's the E minor chord, which of course has the root note on the low E string.

We have our F chord made easy. For this chord we have our root note on the D string, which is a fretted note, but it's the same concept going down the scale.

We of course have our G major, too. But that one is a little more tricky, because as you notice while you're holding down the chord, we're fretting our root note (in the 3rd fret of the low E string) with our middle finger, and when we play the scale we fret that note with our ring finger.

So if you want to use our bass note trick with the G major chord, you'll have to remember to fret that note with your middle finger, once you get there.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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More Bass Notes and Chords song notation

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