Learn Song: Oceanfront Property

Now let's try out our new finger picking pattern in a simple song.

As always we'll start out our song with a little intro going A minor to E major. I'm doing two half-note thumb strums on each chord.

Then we'll go into the main section of our song, and for that we'll start on A minor. I'll just stick with the simple version, where my thumb stays on the A string and my index finger alternates between the G and the B string. You're welcome to do it like that, or to use your middle finger on the B string. We'll do that for 2 bars.

Next, grab the G major chord, but keep our picking pattern exactly the same. The only fretted note we're using for the G chord now is on the A string, so let's play that note with our middle finger instead. This will make the transition much easier!

Then we'll go back to A minor for 2 bars again. After the 2nd A minor we'll go to our E major, but we'll keep the picking pattern exactly the same. It sounds a little different without the root note in the bass, but it's not bad at all.

After that we'll repeat the whole thing one more time. Finally we'll reuse our intro as the outro going. And then we'll end on a gentle thumb strum of the A minor chord and let it ring.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Intro To Fingerpicking
Any Style
Learn Song: Oceanfront Property song notation

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