Alternating Index Finger

In the previous lesson we picked a string for our index finger and pretty much stuck with that one for the duration of the chord. Now let's see what we get when we choose two strings and alternate between them.

We used the A minor chord and alternated between the A string and the B string. Now let's keep our thumb the same and then our index finger will alternate between the G string and the B string. Here at first, it's okay to use the same finger for both, but ultimately the goal is to use your index finger for the G string and your middle finger for the B string. But don't worry if that's too hard for right now.

Remember to stay relaxed while you're doing this and accept that it's a soft and gentle sound here at first. Also remember that we're holding down a full chord, so all the strings will sound good, which means it doesn't really matter if you hit the wrong strings at any point.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Intro To Fingerpicking
Any Style
Alternating Index Finger song notation

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